SNL 40: Bradley Cooper Locks Lips With Betty White

Betty White and Bradley Cooper certainly made SNL 40 a memorable one.

Things got a little steamy when some A-list celebrities stopped by to star in Saturday Night Live’s parody soap-opera “The Californians” during the show’s 40th anniversary special.

The sketch was already jam-packed with some former cast members and traditional stars Fred Armisen, Kristen Wiig, Vanessa Bayer and Bill Hader chatting about in their valley accents. However, it wasn’t until Taylor Swift, Bradley Cooper, Betty White and Kerry Washington showed up that the entire thing went to another level of hilarity.

Washington doled out paternity tests, Cooper came dressed up in short shorts and Taylor played cousin Allison as she chewed on her blonde locks.

Tay’s Californian ways were quickly upstaged by an unexpected lip-lock between a blonde Bradley Cooper and everyone’s favorite Betty White.

Their make-out session lasted longer than it should, so much so that David Spade and Cecily Strong had to literally ask everyone to stop.

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