Here’s Why ‘Single Loser (Put A Beck On It)’ Is A Perfect Mash-Up

Kanye West should give this track a try! Beck’s Morning Phase beating Beyoncé’s self-titled album at Grammys set a lot of things into motion.

First of all, it really infuriated Kanye West, who not only made a statement by storming onto the stage during the acceptance speech, but also called out Grammys for their injustice. Secondly, it started a war between Queen Bey’s and Beck’s fans. Even Beck admitted that he was expecting Beyoncé to win, because “Come on, she's Beyoncé!”

However, this fandom-rivalry may now come to an end – or at least die down a little – once fans hear this beautiful “Single Loser (Put A Beck On It)” mash-up.

A talented Sound Cloud user, “Beckyonce,” has created a beautiful mix of Queen Bey’s iconic “Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)” and Beck’s 1993 hit single “Loser.” Surprisingly, these two popular songs sound so remarkably good together, that playing it once won’t be enough.

Check out the mash-up below:

This truly creative masterpiece may or may not end the clash of fandoms, but if this is what Beyoncé/Beck collaboration might sound like, then someone needs to get them both into a studio ASAP.

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