What If Beyoncé Replaced Godzilla In Godzilla?

June 2, 2014: The Internet is a crazy place.

YouTube user hajiketobu probably had too much time on his hands when he decided to recreate the official trailer for "Godzilla" (2014) with Beyoncé as the real monster. But he’s done a great job at it, even coming up with a tagline: “The slayage has been done.”

The two-minute spot documents the “monstrous” cultural influence Queen Bey exerts on the minds and hearts of people in general which, by the way, can give Godzilla a (marathon) run for his money.

The spoof trailer also includes special mentions of the Illuminati and special appearances by Katy Perry and Lady Gaga sweating and crying out of fear.

However, the most incredible part of the entire thing is Beyoncé’s head photoshopped on the massively huge body of Godzilla.

Click on the video above to watch Beyzilla: the monster you always wanted to terrorize your city.

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