Beyoncé’s Leaked Photos Challenge Our Warped Perception Of Beauty

Trust Queen Bey to challenge our standards of beauty with leaked images.

Two hundred photos were leaked from a photoshoot Beyoncé did for the L’Oreal cosmetic campaign. The photos are untouched and show that the Queen Bey does not always have such "Flawless" skin.  

Saying there's been a reaction is a huge understatement. The trolls came out to play with some really mean, nasty and personal attacks because – well, it’s the Internet after all. But then something else happened.

A fan site called The Beyoncé World, which posted the photos initially, took them down and apologized because it did not wish to start a fan war.

But several of these images floating around the Internet, and chances are they are going to be around even if Beyoncé doesn’t want them to be – and she has every right to make that choice as it’s hers.

This is not the first time Beyoncé has been criticized for her images. It's usually because she's caught (poorly) Photoshopping her own Instagram pics, not the other way around.

And because the world is kind of messed up, neither is this the first time images of celebrities – usually women – have been leaked online without their permission.

But people are finally started to realize that celebrities are not another form of species that sets them apart from mortal humans.

Yes, they go to great lengths to look radiant, flawless and beautiful but they are still human.

If Beyoncé’s leaked images could speak, they would sing the song "Flawless" – because even in the glory of bumpy acne skin and imperfections, she’s still the as beautiful as ever.

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