Bill Cosby’s 'Meme Me' Request Blows Up In His Face

Bill Cosby deserves every bit of Twitter rage for acting like nothing's happened.

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby’s team needs some lessons in social media management.

The tweet pictured above no longer exists as it has been deleted by the Cosby team- too late to undo the damage done. They are probably kicking themselves black and blue right now.

Who knows what they were thinking when they asked Twitter to meme their boss. They even made a Bill Cosby mobile app and shared it around. The Internet, unwilling to forgive or forget the claims of rape and sexual harassment against the aging artist, responded with meme after meme, reminding him what they think of him.

Here’s a look at the memes that poured in after the silly (to say the least) request:

Ironically, the comedy icon of the past and the generally well loved actor he has been accused of no less than 13 rapes.

His sexual assault charges may have remained buried in the past had his fellow comedian Hannibal Buress not dug them up recently.

It is really frustrating to see how Cosby's career has flourished despite all the claims and murmurs of rape and sexual harassment. Unfortunately, he is not the only male celebrity accused of sexual assault and certainly not the only one who allegedly got away with it.

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This incident, however, is a great example of how Karma does come back to bite you in your hind side. It may take its time, letting you get cocky in the thoughts of having gotten away with it; but it comes stealthily and does its job when you are least expecting it to.

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