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Bill Maher Dismisses Donald Trump’s $5 Million Orangutan Lawsuit; Tells Him To ‘Suck It Up’ (Video)

Talking about the $5 million ‘orangutan’ lawsuit, Bill Maher on his show Real Time started off with his show saying, “Donald Trump must learn two things: what a joke is and what a contract is!”

Maher then explained the whole story behind the lawsuit when Maher had joked about Donald Trump’s orange hair and called him the love child of an orangutan.

According to the host, it was a parody of Donald Trump when he had asked for President Barack Obama’s birth records during the presidential campaign last year.

In this episode Bill Maher responded to the absurd lawsuit by reminding Trump that it is a free country where celebrities and politicians are poked with jokes and comedy, told Donald Trump to ‘suck it up like everybody else’.

In this video, Maher compares Trump’s “Birther” case with his own “Aper” theory while he emphasizes on the absurdity of the lawsuit and how the legal system in the country ‘is not a toy for rich idiots to play with’.

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