Bill Maher On Pope Resignation: Hillary Clinton Should Be The New Pope (Video)

As the video shows, Bill Maher had a lot to say about Pope Benedict’s resignation and the Catholic Church in general on Friday night’s ‘Real time’.

Maher said: “And finally — new rule: Hey Catholics, newsflash — if the Pope can quit, it’s OK for you to quit, too.” 
HBO’s host said that the church needs a female Pope and suggested that Hillary Clinton could be good contender.

“This church needs a woman pope. Hillary Clinton just finished up her stint as Secretary of State. Oh yeah, maybe Pope Hillary could clean up the church. If there’s anyone who knows how to handle a guy who can’t keep his hands to himself it’s her.”

Maher also said that if not Hillary then Oprah Winfrey can be the next pope too.

“And if Hillary won’t do it, pope-rah,”Maher said. “Jesus turned water into wine. Oprah whines about retaining water. Plus she’s practiced at hearing confessions and, of course, she’s celibate.”

Check out the entire clip in the video above.

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