Christie Was Already Useless To The GOP After He Got ‘Kenya Cooties’ By Hugging ‘President Blackula’

Fatimah Mazhar

Bill Maher and Jay Leno on Wednesday weighed in on how the Governor of New Jersey was already in the bad books of the Grand Old Party (GOP) members even before the Bridgette scandal.

The television hosts said Chris Christie had infuriated the Republican Party when he hugged Barack Obama in front of the cameras while helping Hurricane Sandy victims.

“Well, you know,” Maher said, “Chris Christie obviously rules New Jersey with an iron fork.”

 “With the exception of cholesterol, his numbers are down,” Leno joked, referring to Christie’s low approval ratings following the controversy.

Maher added that Christie being a bully wasn’t odd behavior since it was normal for Republicans to act that way.

“I think it’s funny that the Republicans are being accused of harboring a bully,” Maher said. “As if that’s a bad thing in the Republican Party?”

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Later, the HBO anchor pointed out the GOP was wary of Christie the day he embraced Obama in front of the whole world.

“After Hurricane Sandy, as we all know,” Maher said, “he hugged President Blackula, so, you know, he’s got Kenya cooties on him.”

“It’s the worst thing you can do as a Republican,” he continued. “He actually praised him. He put his arm around him and said, ‘You’re doin’ a heck of a job, Brownie!’”

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