Bill Maher To Jay Leno: “What The F**k Is Wrong With You?” (VIDEO)


Bill Maher had a rather awkward conversation with Jay Leno on his departure from The Tonight Show.

Maher pointed out how Leno is the top-rated late-night host but NBC is still replacing him with Jimmy Fallon. The Real Time host also made a very odd comparison between Jay Leno and Hosni Mubarak.

Referring to the fact that Mubarak was being released from jail, Maher said, “I mean, turns out this guy may be more effective. They got rid of him but they may bring him back because he was better. Kind of like what NBC keeps doing with you, Jay.”

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Leno laughed it off but Bill Maher wasn’t done with him. He further said, “So they fired you once when you were number one and now they’re firing you again when you’re number one.”

And then he completely went off the wall and said, “What the f**k is wrong with you? What is so wrong with you, Jay? What do you do to keep pissing people off like this?”

To which Jay Leno aptly replied, “I have the wrong guests on all the time. That’s the trouble.”

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Jimmy Fallon is set to replace veteran Jay Leno next year as host of The Tonight Show, according to a statement released by NBC in April. The channel wants to bring ‘a younger feel to the competitive late-night landscape on U.S. television.’

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