Bill O’Reilly: “In His Heart, Jon Stewart Knows I Am Right About War On Christmas”


Bill O’Reilly responded to The Daily Show’s mockery of his annual “War on Christmas” on Wednesday night.

The Fox News host remarked Jon Stewart just likes “playing the Grinch” and doesn’t realize the threat secular intimidation poses to “traditional Americans.”

I hope he will reconsider the situation, because in his heart, he knows I’m right. Christmas is a huge symbol of the cultural struggle in this country, and has been for years. And what a great Christmas gift it would be for Jon Stewart to finally admit it,” O’Reilly said.

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Of course the conservative host was not pleased with Stewart’s criticism on Tuesday night’s show. He said the comedian could be "officially voided from Christmas" for being non-serious about the whole situation.

"Stewart just likes playing the Grinch," O’Reilly sneered.

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He went on to say that secular progressives want to destroy Christmas because they want an America that includes income equality, "unfettered abortion," and "legalized narcotics."

Any public display of Christianity is not good for the progressive cause. Therefore, the far left has succeeded in getting prayer out of the public school system. And if you want to say a prayer before a public meeting, get ready for trouble.”

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Do you agree with O’Reilly or do you think Jon Stewart was right about “War on Christmas” being something that “doesn’t even exist?”

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