Biracial Beauty Queen Criticized For Not Looking 'Japanese Enough'

This beauty queen is being criticized for not representing Japan like the other contestants.

Miss Nagasaki, Japan, Half-Black, Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen, Miss Nagasaki Ariana Miyamoto is half Black, half Japanese. Despite her beauty, the critics are saying that Nagasaki is just not 'Japanese enough', and therefore she isn't a good representation for Japan.

The twenty year old girl definitely sends out a strong message in a country that is mostly homogenous when it comes to race. While some feel that she isn't a 'pure Japanese', others feel that she is a symbol for a country that just needs to get over the fact that not everyone is the same.

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While outsiders might think the young girl is gorgeous with her Japanese eyes and dark skin, others feel that her color is not 'beautiful', as many Japanese prefer very light, pale skin. 

She has been told things like, "Half is not 100% Japanese. If someone is chosen as Miss Japan, both her parents should be Japanese."

These kind of opinions are only making Nagasaki work harder at becoming Miss Universe, to show Japan that it really doesn't matter if you decide to have children with someone from a different background.

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