Dyed Armpit Hair And Bizarre Beauty Trends Of 2015

Why would you do this to yourself? Why?! 2015 is still brand new, but it's already giving us plenty of surprises, especially in the world of beauty and fashion.

Fashion Week always gives us plenty of inspiration, and we love celebrating (and wearing!) the top fashion trends.

But there are always a few questionable looks we probably should know better about. You just can't get away with some looks in real life. Really. Just don't even try.

Dyed Armpit Hair/Bright Colored Brows 

Growing out eyebrows ala Brook Shields seemed like it would win out as a 2015 trend. Then things took a turn for the weird. How about pink or blue eyebrows? They were only growing them out to dye the hair outrageous colors. Don't forget to let your armpit hair flaunt and run wild too. Most of us aren’t brave enough to wear any other color other than brown or taupe on our eyebrows. Let’s see how many of you flaunt your dyed armpit hair this season.
Messy Frizzy Schoolgirl Hair

When it comes to hair, frizz is the ultimate enemy. Good hair days mean everything under control, right? Apparently not. This could be wearable if you ran a brush through your hair probably once a day. If you wear it as it is, don’t be surprised if people ask you, “Did you just wake up?” or if your mom let you do your hair yourself.

Messy Glitter Eyes

Basically, this new trend looks like it has been applied by a toddler. It must be glittery and messy like its arts and craft time. If the glitter was evenly spread it wouldn’t be as bad as these clumps that look like glitter glue accident. 

Silver/Gray Hair

Silvery-gray hair looked chic on Andy and Edie in the ‘60s, but these days we keep on seeing gray hair again and again, on people other than grandmas, of course. If you’re going to go silver, dye your hair; spray painting it only makes the silver fox look even harder to pull off. 

Hair Letters

The picture speaks for itself. It would be so much fun forming letters out of hair strands coated with gel, but who’s got that much time? Let’s just pretend the weird hair lettering doesn’t exist and talk about the perfectly perfect eyeliner.

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