Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Responds to Mom Against Toys

Action figures selling at Toys R Us has one Florida mom fighting mad.

A petition has received over 4,000 signatures from enraged parents. And it's all over a toy. 

Not just any toy - action figures based on the wildly popular "Breaking Bad" television show about a chemistry teacher who becomes a drug kingpin. 

The figures, Walter White (complete with a detachable bag of crystal meth) and his side-kick Jesse Pinkman, are currently on sale in Toys-R-Us stores and online. 

Florida mom, Susan Schrijver, set up the petition. “It’s about drugs and they’re selling it in a children’s toy store,” Susan Schrijver said in an interview with a news station in Florida. “Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.”

Some tweeters agree. 

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston addressed the flurry of attention that the petition has garnered. And it was sort of brilliant. 

A Toys-R-Us spokesperson has since pointed out that ‘the packaging clearly notes the items are intended for ages 15 and up.  Facebookers don't seem to think pulling the toy is a good idea. 

Hurry down to the toy store if you want the dolls - these action figures may be pulled soon! 


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