Bridesmaids Star Chris O’Dowd Accidentally Eats A Fly On “The Graham Norton” Show (VIDEO)

This was very unfortunate and gross. Who wants to end up swallowing a fly during an interview? Nobody!

Bridesmaidsstar Chris O’Dowd was being interviewed with fellow actors Kristin Wiig and Steve Carell on The Graham Norton Show, when he suffered one of the most unexpected hiccups ever!

The interview was interrupted by ‘one of the biggest fly’ ever and Carell came up with his own unique technique of swatting it. The very next moment, he was spitting something out of his mouth into his hands after taking a sip from his water glass. It was nothing else but the huge fly which was almost half chewed by O’Dowd.

Shocked O'Dowd said after a moment of silence, "oh my sweet God... I've got to tell you, I've chewed it".

"I took a drink and I was like 'I didn't realize I had any ice in there,"he said.

Watch the entire gruesome yet unfortunate scene that took place during the interview in the video above.

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