Broadway's Matilda Will Be Autism-Friendly

Families affected by Autism can enjoy this new addition to Broadway.

Matilda, Autism-Friendly, Play, Broadway

Matilda, a wonderful story about a girl with magical powers, will be the newest Broadway play to put on an 'autism-friendly' performance. 

In order for the play to be 'autism-friendly', there must be some alterations to the show. Because many people on the autism spectrum have sensory-sensitivity, strobe lights will be cut and sound will be lowered.

The play will also be at a designated time, so that families with autistic children can feel comfortable being surrounded by other families with autistic children.

There will also be special rooms run by autism-professionals for children who need to get a break from the play, where they can do activities or just have quiet-time.

Matilda is not the first on Broadway to put on 'autism-friendly' performance. The Lion King also did a similar version of their play.

Tickets cost anywhere from $42-$77. The performance is scheduled for February 1st at 1:30 PM.

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