Watch Brock Lesnar Beat Up WWE Cameraman, Announcer Out Of Frustration

The beast in Brock Lesnar reared its head on Monday Night RAW.

Brock Lesnar

A day after he lost his WWE World Heavyweight Championship title, Brock Lesnar showed up on Monday night RAW, demanding an instant rematch. When he didn't get one, all hell broke loose – literally.

Despite initial signs that new champ, Seth Rollins, would honor Lesnar's request, an instant fight did not materialize. At this point, Lesnar completely lost his head and beat whoever came his way, starting from Rollins himself. The only exception to Lesnar's indiscriminate beatings was his own promoter Paul Heyman.

From flipping ringside tables and trapping commentators underneath to delivering F-5 on the announcer and even cameraman, the former UFC champ went totally nuts. The announcer Michael Cole took the worst of it, copping Lesnar's famous finishing move twice.

Of course, this seemingly unscripted outburst doesn't mean the whole thing wasn't kayfabe, but it's an interesting storyline to hype up the rematch. Kudos to the WWE writers for that.

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