Although A Huge Fan Of The Boss, Chris Christie Probably Won’t Be Amused When He Watches This VIDEO


Chris Christie became the butt of all late night jokes after his press conference to apologize for the much-publicized – and frankly overdone – Bridgegate scandal.

Following the trend, Jimmy Fallon invited Bruce Springsteen on his show to pay a tribute to the Chris Christie saga by performing an epic rendition of Springsteen’s “Born To Run.”

The reworked song titled “Gov. Chris Christie Traffic Jam” narrates, through its lyrics, the entire controversy.

From the George Washington bridge lane closers to Christie’s denials – everything seems to have been covered in this one singular video.

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Apparently, Christie happens to be one of Springsteen’s biggest fans. In 2012, the Republican governor had a couple of interactions with the musician in the wake of superstorm Sandy. The first time they met was at a benefit concert and telethon for storm victims.

Christie was so moved by their conversations that he reportedly cried when he got home.

“We hugged," Christie was quoted as saying during a press briefing. "He [Springsteen] told me it's official: we're friends. I told the president today, actually, that the hug was great and when we got home, there was a lot of weeping because of the hug. And the president asked why. I said, 'Well, to be honest, I was the one doing the weeping.'"

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It would be interesting to see how Chris Christie would react to this particular parody.

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