Bryan Cranston's Top 5 Ask Me Anything Moments (VIDEO)


Breaking Bad’s Walter White, Bryan Cranston was on the popular micro blogging website Reddit and he had a lot of fun! The actor made a video of his Top 5 Ask Me Anything (AMA) moments to share his experience with the world.

The fifth moment from his list was “what is your favorite color?” and Cranston, though he didn’t say that directly, found it very cute. He said that this question was quite welcoming and was probably one of those ‘Welcome on Reddit’ questions.

The second one was a compliment from a fan who liked one of his dialogues from his movies. It was rather awkward so we shall just leave it for you to check it out from Reddit yourself.

The rest of the moments were as weird as the first two but then again it’s for you to watch and tell how you liked it. The other very interesting part of his AMA was the names of the people posting the comments. One name that was rather funny was ‘ShittyWaterColor’.

Now that’s the pure Redditor spirit.

All in all the experience was great for Bryan Cranston and from what we have understood from the video, he intends to come back again! Three cheers for Reddit! But then again, that’s the magic of the website.

AMA is a very special segment or as Redditors would call it, a sub-Reddit for celebrities especially to come online and let people ask ANY question they would like them to answer. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Watch the video above and enjoy!

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