Can Family Guy Fans Save Brian Griffin?

Family Guy Fans petition to bring back Brian Griffin. After the shocking death of the beloved talking canine, fans are organizing to take a stand. The petition has already acquired over 45,000 signatures.

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Family Guy Fans petition to save Brian the Dog. PHOTO: CC License boxset4lesslover

Family Guy fans are in an uproar after the death of beloved character, Brian Griffin. But fans have refused to roll over, as they have instead organized and formed a petition to revive the downed canine.


One viewer from Tuscaloosa began a petition on, demanding that Fox bring back the talking pooch. In only two days, the petition has gone viral.It has already acquired over 45,000 signatures, continuing to grow at a surprising pace.


Family Guy executive producer Steve Callaghan spoke up about the decision to kill off they character. When asked if he was worried about the backlash that they might receive from the fans, Callaghan responded, “I'm not, only because our fans are smart enough and have been loyal to our show for long enough, to know that they can trust us.”

Family Guy fans have certainly not been shy with sharing their outrage, communally stewing on the events on various social media sites.


With so much resistance, one cannot help but wonder: Can fans save Brian’s life?

With Family Guy’s ratings down 19% from their previous season, Brian’s death was very clearly a way to stir things up and get attention. While they certainly have the fans’ attention, Brian Griffin’s resurrection is likely to hinge on the performance of upcoming episodes.

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