Over-The-Top Expensive Celebrity Gifts! Sports Cars, Vacations, Houses: You Won't Believe These Celebrity Gifts

What do you give to a mega-millionaire? It's easy when you're incredibly rich too!

How's this for a little token of affection? Angelina Jolie bought hubby Brad Pitt an island! You read that right. An island. 

When it's gift givin' time, it's good to know a mega-millionaire. These givers gave insanely expensive swag to friends, family and staff.  

Don't those presents you have under the tree look a little puny now? Hey, it's the thought that counts! 

How about hanging out in the ocean? Oprah Winfrey sent her 100 person staff on a 10-day cruise.  She dropped $750,000 for that amazing experience.  Anchors away! 

Look at the smile on Jennifer Hudson's assistant. We'd smile too if our boss gave us a HOUSE for Christmas. A house! Are you listening boss? Wink, wink. 

Just a few bros hanging out after makin' a movie. No biggie. What are they grinning about? Maybe it's the gift Adam Sandler bought for his Grown Ups costars - a sick car! Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade, and Rob Schneider were given a brand new Maserati costing $270k each. 

In 2011, Taylor Swift bought her mother a 5,000 square foot mansion in Nashville - that's a lot of square feet. 

Beyoncé knows how to shop! She spent $2 million on a Bugatti Grand Sport car for Jay Z. How many of those are on the road? 

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson rocked it out! He bought his housekeeper a brand new car. She must be a super duper cleaner.

So...what are you shopping for today?

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