Celebrities Give Perspectives On Judgment Day Via Twitter

Celebrities, not surprisingly, have turned to their Twitters, most not too worried about the rapture, but still offering some entertaining food for thought.

Judgment Day. Apocalypse. The Rapture. Doomsday. Armageddon. The Day of Reckoning.

Whether or not you've heard all of the different terms being used to describe the supposed end of the world that begins tomorrow, it's tough to deny that you haven't seen at least one of the monikers on a billboard, TV or possibly through a tweet.

There's been a buzz about “judgment day” ever since Harold Camping, the head of Family Radio broadcasting network, began touting that the world is going to feel a rapture on May 21 that would eventually result in the universe's complete demise, through the hands of God, by October 21. While we don't see much need to worry about Camping's prediction because of some seriously questionable calculations, it is interesting to track the buzz happening on the eve of the so-called colossal event.

Celebrities have turned to their Twitters, most not too worried about the May 21 judgment day prediction either, but still offering some entertaining food for thought through their tweets. Tweeting, not surprisingly, has become a way for them to criticize and poke fun at the movement. Here's our favorite perspectives from Twitter thus far:

Donnie Wahlberg (@DonnieWahlberg)

Tomorrow ain't even promised anyway... So who the heck cares!! Let's enjoy today!


The word is... If you're holding my book when the world ends tomorrow.. You don't die.. You get transported to me & Coco's crib for tacos!

Denise Henwood (@DeniseHenwood)

@thedailybeast Oh sh*t, is that tomorrow...can we re-schedule? I have a mani/pedi app't at noon!?

Rob Thomas (@ThisIsRobThomas)

song of the day: APOCALYPSE, PLEASE - MUSE

Joel McHale (@joelmchale)

It's my understanding the world is ending Saturday. Could I borrow someone's Porsche 911 turbo S or Audi R8 v10? I have some jumping to do

There's even been a Twitter page created by ex-Conan writer Rob Kutner which questions the validity of Camping and Family Radio's claims. The page is aptly named @ApocalypseHow. Here's our favorite tweet posted on the page:

@ApocalypseHow: How ironic if tomorrow all the non-believers in evolution are systematically removed from the species.

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