Hilarious: Celebrities Impersonate Fellow Celebrities

This is downright hilarious. You have to see Bono do a Bill Clinton and MichealFassbender’s execution of Quentin Tarantino.

There’s nothing funnier than a good impersonation. However, there’s nothing better celebrities impersonate fellow celebrities and legendary musicians impersonate equally influential musicians. These hilarious celebrity impersonations will send you into giggle fits. WWW has put together a fine compilation of celebrities including Matt Damon, Ellen DeGeneres and Alec Baldwin taking a jab at their contemporaries.

Some of the best spot-on impersonations of celebrities by celebrities:

-          Matt Damon as Matthew Mcconaughey

-          Simon Helberg  as Nichohlas Cage

-          Bill Clinton as Bono

-          Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Rickman

-          Bradely Cooper as Owen Wilson

-          Alec Baldwin as Tracy Morgan

-          Brag Garrett as Bill Cosby

-          Jamie Fox as Mike Tyson

-          Maya Rudolph as Gwen Stefani

-          Jim Carey as Clint Eastwood

-          Jimmy Fallon as Adam Sandler

-          Drake as Lil Wayne

-          Justin Timberlake as John Mayer

-          Jimmy Kimmel as Jay Leno

-          MichealFassbender as Quentin Tarantino


In all honesty, each and every one of these impersonations were hilarious. You’re probably going to want to watch this video again and again and again.

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