Celebrities Who Had Super Lame Jobs Before Fame Hit

Tabloids reveal embarrassing photos of celebrities on the beach while gossip magazines blow little mix ups into huge ordeals.

Fame seems to be this unattainable validation of our worth, so anytime we can make celebrities a little more human, they start feeling less like gods and more like us. Despite the glamor and attention, celebrities are just human, and their very average jobs they had before fame hit may help us see them as human.

For some of these celebrities, fame hit relatively late in life. While fame shouldn’t be the measure of success, it does go to show that as long as you’re alive, the possibilities are still within your reach. While these stars did have admittedly less than high-class jobs, there's also no shame in hard work. 

Johnny Depp

Depp led the glamorous life of selling ballpoint pens over the phone. I think if I ever got a call from a telemarketer trying to sell me ballpoint pens, I'd buy it just because I'd feel so bad for the poor chap. 

Johnny Depp, jack Sparrow, makeup, pirates of the caribbean


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Howard Stern 

Stern drove an ice cream truck before he earned fame from being a shocking radio host. This puts new meaning to the "creepy" ice cream man. Howard Stern is great, but I wonder how eager I would be to let my kids buy ice cream from him... 

Howard Stern

Jennifer Anniston

Our favorite girl-next-door was literally your worst nightmare during family dinnertime: a telemarketer. I guess everyone deserves a second chance. Even she calls it the worst job she ever had.

Jennifer aniston, telemarketer, friends, girl next door


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George Clooney

Clooney sold women’s shoes and sold insurance door to door. Imagine that chiseled grin showing up to your front door. Who could say no to that? 

Batman, George Clooney, insurance sales, women's shoes

Suze Orman

The famous financial guru of late-night television worked as a waitress up until her 30s. It's no surprise that her philosophy now seems to be work, work, work and hustle until you make it because that's exactly what she did. 

Suze Orman, financial guru, advice, late night, lame average job, celelbrity, fame


McDonald's Founder: Ray Kroc

The founder of McDonald’s sold paper cups and milkshake mixers until he was 52. Considering that McDonald's is the most recognizable name of fast food world over, it amazes me that he didn't even found the business until he was 52. Just goes to show that it is never too late. 

Mcdonald's, ray kroc, golden arches

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