Celebrities Who Fought Their Addictions And Won

It's not easy to silence the evil siren call of drugs and alcohol. These women did it, and in the public eye, no less.

Any addiction is hard to break, and it's not easier just because you're famous. Celebrity addictions usually become gossip fodder and make headline when the addiction ends in tragedy or death.

But it's possible to come back from drugs, alcohol and other addictions. Check out these celebs who struggled with and ultimately triumphed over their demons. 

Oprah Winfrey

Arguably television’s most powerful force, the biggest name in talk show history and indeed one of the most influential women in recent history, Oprah isn't perfect. Winfrey admitted to using coke in her 20s, and was apparently a regular user with a boyfriend. She confessed on her show in 1995, calling it her "life's great big secret." She moved past the addiction. 

Drew Barrymore

Known for her good girl image now, Drew Barrymore's history of drug and alcohol addiction goes back to her childhood. Barrymore began using drugs and alcohol at a very young age: at age 9 she was already smoking cigarettes, by 12 she was an avid marijuana smoker and she was addicted to cocaine by 13. Barrymore went to rehab twice and she even attempted suicide when she was 14.

Angelina Jolie 

The near perfect Angelina Jolie has abused a fair amount of different drugs. In 2010, Jolie admitted to doing “just about every drug possible.” She got her act together, became a mega star and is now a mother of six and an amazing humanitarian.

Kelly Osbourne

Daughter of legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne also struggled with drug abuse problems. When she was 17, Osbourne became so addicted to Vicodin that she took as many as 50 pills a day. Thanks to rehab in 2009, she was able to get clean and make a new start.

Jennifer Aniston

Most famous for her clean role as Rachel Green in the hit TV show Friends, Jennifer Aniston fought addictions to marijuana and caffeine all through her run on Friends. She also was a full on chain smoker. In 2007 she decided to give up her vices and replaced cigarettes and caffeine with exercise and yoga to stay nicotine free.

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