Celebrities With Strange Body Deformities

Now we know for sure that not everyone's perfect. Just ask Ashton Kutcher's toes.

Nobody is perfect and even our beloved celebs have their own flaws. In spite of their beauty, talent, glamor and charisma, celebrities are just as imperfect as any of us. But of course, there’s nothing wrong with having a unique physical flaw. Here are some of the celebrities with body deformities that give them lots of extra character.

Karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova

Former Victoria’s Secret Angel Karolina Kurkova has no belly button. This beauty queen proves that not even models are perfect. The supermodel was also named the world’s sexiest woman. She is perfect in every way, except missing a belly button. This deformity is a result of an operation she had as a baby. Many people do not realize she lacks this feature as digital belly buttons are added to nearly all of Karolina’s modeling photos.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton kutcher webbed toes

There is no doubt Ashton is one of the best looking actors in Hollywood, but that doesn’t make him perfect. He's got a condition called syndactyly, which to the lay person is known as webbed toes. Not only does Ashton Kutcher have webbed toes, he recently showed them off on a British television show. His explanation for the deformity was, “When everything else is this good looking, something’s gotta be messed up!” We still love you Ashton.

Megan Fox

Megan foxs clubbed thumbs

Megan Fox is freakin’ hot, but she’s also a little bit freaky. Fox has been diagnosed with a genetic condition known as clubbed thumbs. The clinical name for the condition is brachydactyly type D. If you take a close look at Fox’s thumbs, you’ll realize they are short and stubby.  A clubbed thumb is shorter, with a bulbous tip and a nail which is very wide and short. She’s still pretty hot.


The 27-year-old pop star enjoys being different and has claimed to have a tail at birth that was about a quarter of an inch long, but her parents had it removed shortly after her birth. And she was actually sad that the tail was chopped off and they stole it. This isn’t surprising considering all the crazy things she’s done and said in the past.

Jennifer Garner

This gorgeous lady seems to suffer from a crazy looking crossover toe. Garner’s mangled toes are actually a result of brachymetatarsia, a condition where one or more toe bones are shorter than others. It's no wonder she wears flip flops. How does she fit her foot in a closed shoe?!