Celebrity Feuds We Never Saw Coming

Who'd have thought these celebrities are at a war with each other? We have to admit, we were pretty surprised too!

As normal, every-day folks, we all agree that it's pretty common to get into fights with each other. Sometimes, we tend to forget that celebrities are also people like us and that they too, fight amongst each other.

Do you know which of them are at a war with each other? We've put together a list of these feuding celebrities for you, check it out below:

Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry

Two of the music world’s biggest stars are in a MAJOR feud with each other. And while both Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have yet to confirm a feud, and they never will, the reason behind their lack of friendship is pretty well known. 

Taylor Swift is known for using music as a way of unloading her feelings and this case was no different than any other. Taylor’s revenge song “Bad Blood,” was dedicated to none other than her current celebrity enemy, Katy Perry! So why all the bad blood? Eh? Well, both singers dated John Mayer. Makes sense? Ha.

Seth Rogen vs. Nancy Grace

There is no question about Seth Rogen being one of the most outspoken personalities in Hollywood.

It all started when Nancy Grace tweeted a rant about Richard Kirk who shot and killed his wife during a 911 call after he had ingested marijuana. However Seth Rogen was not taking any of this and being the kind of person he is, All he had to say was that the anchor was a ‘dumbass’.


Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton

The former ‘Besties’ Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton who traveled the world together are currently in the midst of a very public feud. Famous celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton claims the superstar singer has been ‘Poisoned’ by fame. Perez Hilton had interviewed Lady Gaga while on tour, Gaga was upset about being asked questions about previous boyfriends  "What happened was we were doing an interview … and in the middle of the interview he started asking me really terrible questions," said the Bad Romance singer. Lady Gaga might not seem like an easily offended person, but that apparently wasn't the case here.

Gaga has also accused Perez of stalking her. The 36-year-old celebrity blogger truly believes Gaga's fame was the main reason their friendship fell apart.

Justin Beiber vs. Orlando Bloom

Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom got into a huge brawl back in 2012 when Justin hung out with Orlando’s wife Miranda Kerr, 31, at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. After which, in 2013, Orlando was seen with 22-year-old Selena Gomez, who has been Justin Bieber's on-off girlfriend.

Orlando even threw a punch at Justin in Ibiza. Justin’s last words to the superstar were “Miranda told me, ‘I want to make a man out of you.'”

Justin even posted the photo of Orlando crying on his Instagram because he thinks Orlando is a joke.

Iggy Azalea vs. Nicki Minaj

Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj's feud is showing no signs of ending anytime soon. It all started at the BET awards when Nicki took the shots at Iggy for not writing her own lyrics. Azela has also been dogged by rumors that she used a ghostwriter.

The two rappers often say they don’t have anything against each other, but that really doesn't seem to be the case.