"Celebrity Jeopardy" Crowns A New Winner, And No, It's Not Sean Connery

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers flubbed the last question – but it didn’t really matter.

Along with his Super Bowl title and two MVP awards, Aaron Rodgers can now add winner of the popular quiz show Jeopardy to his impressive résumé.

From Alexander the Great to Bruce Springsteen lyrics, the Green Bay Packers quarterback answered almost all questions correctly on the latest episode of Celebrity Jeopardy!

Rodgers beat Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary and astronaut Mark Kelly with a score of $8,399 and ended up winning $50,000 on the show. The money will go to his charity Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer. O'Leary and Kelly both won $10,000 each.

His victory wasn’t a smooth one, though. There were moments when he couldn’t handle all the pressure and even dropped an F-bomb – allegedly:

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Oh, and he also photobombed O’Leary:

Although he missed the final Jeopardy question about two businessmen in very old photos, Rodgers triumphed:

Rodgers, in a good mood after his win, also made a Saturday Night Live joke in a tweet:

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