Jimmy Fallon Starts New Week By Tripping Bryan Cranston In Word Sneak

May, 6, 2014: Bryan Cranston's Word Sneak fail might be the funniest the Tonight show has seen in the Fallon era.

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston is a great actor but his vocabulary of ebonic expressions is embarrassingly limited. This became public knowledge when he made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonon Monday night.

In one of the segments, Fallon invited the 58-year-old actor to battle him in "Word Sneak" – a game in which both the contestants have to try to use five extremely random words in a conversation.

Fallon went first, and it naturally gave him an advantage for the rest of the game, but Cranston was equal to it. At least in the first few exchanges he was. However, it soon got extremely tough for the great Heisenberg as the words started to become too random for him, and he struggled to use them in a way that kept the conversation relevant.

The more he struggled, the more hilarious the situation became, and both Cranston and his host couldn't help but laugh their butts off. But the funniest part of the entire bit came at the very end when Cranston was served with the word 'badonkadonk,' and he had no idea what it meant. He tried to wing it but was extremely wide of the mark; making the Word Sneak fails so much more entertaining.

To save you a visit to the Urban Dictionary, here is what 'badonkadonk means:

An ‘ebonic’ expression for an extremely curvaceous female behind. Women who possess this feature usually have a small waist that violently explodes into a round and juicy posterior (e.g., 34c, 24, 38). Other characteristics would be moderately wide hips and a large amount of booty cleavage (i.e, depth of butt-crack).

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