Sherlock's Holmesian Deductions Gone Horribly Wrong

May, 14, 2014: Sherlock Holmes will never be the same again.

Four long months have passed since the third season finale of British crime drama Sherlock aired on BBC One. If history is any guide, then season 4 is a good eight months away, which is why fans of this fantastic series would love what's in store for them.

In the latest episode of TBS program, The Pete Holmes Show, comedian Pete Holmes combined with fellow funnyman Matt McCarthy to spoof Sherlock Holmes. The fact that he shares half of his name with the fictional detective and is tall like Benedict Cumberbatch helped Pete's cause immensely.

Most importantly, the script is extremely well written and would entertain those who haven't seen the original show.

What happens here is that Pete's version of Sherlock has all the confidence, cockiness and charisma usually associated with this character. When it comes to making voluminous observations, even then he doesn't disappoint.

However, the predictions he makes based on his famous Holmesian deductions go horribly wrong. It's not normal for Cumberbatch's Sherlock to be caught red-faced, but in the life of Pete's Holmes, that's quite common.

To save him from further embarrassment, the new Sherlock's friend tells him that he did get a prediction right. Only this time, the master understands he is simply being humored. Having finally guessed something right, outlandish celebrations follow. The biggest of his gaffes come at the very end, when Sherlock mispronounces his name Herlock Sholmes before shutting the door on what was a hilarious parody.

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