Chris Pratt Wins The Internet By Visiting Children’s Hospital

The Jurassic World star brought smiles to the faces of some very deserving kids by this random display of kindness.

There are certain scientific laws that govern time, space, and nature. What goes up must come down. Every action brings about an equal and opposite reaction. And Chris Pratt is a genuinely nice person.

Not many celebrities are able to earn the title of “genuinely nice.”

It is usually assumed that the nice things they do are publicity stunts, and they seem to conveniently fall around the release dates of their movies with suspicious regularity.

Pratt, however, has won the world over. He has the Internet convinced that he is a genuinely nice guy and he continues to prove it as his career develops.

Pratt’s most recent demonstration of character took place at an Atlanta area children’s hospital on Saturday.

Pratt was in town filming his new movie Passengers and decided to spend one of his off days visiting the children recovering at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA).

The CHOA kids were thrilled to see Pratt who has starred in such childhood delights as Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy, and Jurassic World.

Pratt posed for pictures with the kids (making goofy faces and cracking jokes all the while) and even took the time to record this video message to a child that was simply too sick to receive visitors.

What makes this display so wonderful is that there seems to be no discernable ulterior motives for Pratt’s actions. He has no upcoming movie to flaunt, no major scandal he’s trying to overcome, and he has enough publicity on his own to have to resort to this type of stunt.

This is simply a case of a celebrity using his star power for good. We would expect nothing less from Star Lord himself (the legendary outlaw). 

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