CNN Pregnancy Test Is Probably the Funniest SNL Skit Ever

The CNN pregnancy test is probably the most informative but inaccurate pregnancy test out there.

CNN's nonstop coverage of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 incident irked many, including Saturday Night Live cast, who dedicated a skit to the subject on this weekend's show.

The 24-hour news channel bombarded its viewers with unnecessary information regarding the missing plane in the form of breaking news, and it caught SNL's eye.

A skit featuring Beck Bennett and Vanessa Bayeras a couple hoping to start their family was made which revolves around The CNN Pregnancy Test. While the CNN pregnancy stick may not be the most accurate, it certainly is the most incessant when it comes to giving information about the status of the pregnancy.

Instead of a simple yes or no answer, the CNN pregnancy test provides a series of irrelevant info regarding pregnancies, pop culture and world news.

It is exciting for the couple in the beginning, but the relentless beating around the bush on CNN's part gets extremely annoying for them by the end of the video.

Check out this hilarious skit in the video up top, via NBC.

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