This Guy Fattened Up His Pretty Girlfriend To Fend Off Possible Romantic Rivals

And we are not really surprised. This past weekend, the Biebs got kicked out of Coachella after a security guard held him in a choke hold, according to Hollywood Life.

Justin Bieber, Coachella, Security Guard, Kicked Out, Choke hold


Coachella is a huge music festival that takes place over two weekends in the Spring. Festival-goers come from all over to attend the festival in California. H + M even has a clothing line dedicated to the festival.

However, Coachella isn't for everyone. Apparently, that includes Justin Bieber.

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It happened when Justin, who was hanging out with Kendall Jenner at the festival, tried to come into the entourage entrance during Drake's performance.

Bieber, who evidently felt he had VIP access, was denied by the guard, who told him that they were 'at capacity'.

Well, Bieber quickly reacted, starting a fight with the security guard, telling him that he couldn't be in the regular crowd because he would get trampled by his own fans.

This might be true...but considering the lineup at Coachella, there was probably not too many fans.

Bieber continued to go on and complain, and just like that, the guard had him in a choke hold, and kicked his little Bieber-butt out.

Congratulations, Bieber, you're at it again!

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