Conan O’Brien, Clueless Gamer, Plays Atari 2600 Classics (VIDEO)


It was only the imagination of gamers that made any sense of the dots and pixels of early video games. In order to revisit the old-fashioned gaming times, Conan O’Brien and his friend Aaron travel back in time for his regular Clueless Gamer series to play classic Atari 2600 games.

The television talk show host plays Atari classics like Combat, Pitfall, Space Invaders, and E.T. While reading the plotline of Missile Command from the owner’s manual, Conan interjects, “It’s so sad that someone had to write this.”

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After playing several games, Conan says, “What a horrible era for mankind. I can go and look at an old butter churn or a turn-of-the-century car, and I can appreciate the beauty of it. I can look at a 1950s Bakelite phone and it still works and it’s very beautiful. This is awful.”

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You can watch Conan O’Brien’s Atari 2600 analysis in the video above.

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