Conan Forces His Producer To Clean His Filthy Office, Makes Fun Of Him The Whole Time

Conan and his eccentric assistant producer Jordan Schlansky have the hilarious most relationship on television. In fact some of Conan‘s most popular shorts are the ones featuring Schlansky. 

Last year, Conan hysterically confronted Schlansky about his elitist espresso machine and even bashed him for his inability to show up to work on time.

In their latest showdown, Conan invited a professional organizer to clean up Jordan’s “disgusting” office.  And to make it more amusing, Conan kept making fun of him and all of the ridiculous junk lying around, the whole time.

This might be Conan’s funniest bit ever. Here’s what people had to say about it.


Truly some of the funniest Conan Location bits.

Jordan is just fascinating.


Schlansky is eccentric and hilarious.


I think Conan is becoming the bigger douchebag.

[–]IWearSuits replied:

Part of me agrees, but I'm sure Jordan doesn't take it personally. Conan has always messed with him some, so I'm sure nothing surprises Jordan at this point. But, Conan does come off as douchey the more he messes with Jordan.

Enjoy the video above.

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