Man Dresses Up As Serial Killer Michael Myers To Propose To Girlfriend

Did the man’s creative, if creepy, proposal to his girlfriend land him a "yes"? Watch the video to find out more.

Everyone wants their wedding proposal to be different and unique. Alec Wells, 30, decided to take his proposal to the next level by recreating a scene out of his girlfriend’s favorite horror movie and dressing as her favorite villain, Michael Myers.

Katherine Canipe is  30 year-old lured by Wells to the set of her favorite horror movie, Halloween.

“Katherine is a complete horror movie fanatic," explains the creative boyfriend. "She hosts a podcast about horror movies called Boys and Ghouls and John Carpenter’s Halloween is her favorite movie of all time.”

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Alec recreated one of the scariest scenes from the movie where Michael Myers, a serial killer, steps out of a hedge, terrifying Jamie Lee Curtis’ character as she walks down the street. As Katherine strolled across the very same street, Alec walked out of a hedge dressed as Michael Myers and wearing the signature mask.

After scaring his girlfriend, Alec dropped to his knees and proposed. Katherine’s expression changed quickly from fear to happiness as she said yes, bursting into tears.

Creepy Halloween Proposal

"It took me 10 months to get un-embarrassed enough to show anyone but close family and friends this engagement video," she posted on Facebook this Tuesday. "Hello, ugly crying. The cat's out of the bag, now, though – be gentle! Oh, and Happy Halloween. It's August, so I can say that, right?"

Creepy Halloween Proposal

The couple also posted an amazing engagement picture inspired by the movie Back To The Future, receiving over 2.7 million hits on Imgur.

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