Czech TV's Nazi Reality Show Sparks Outrage

When you make a game out of Nazis there are bound to be a few complaints.

Entertainment has reached the point of recreating historical atrocities for fun.

A new reality show in the Czech Republic has received major criticisms for centering around a family trying to live in a recreation of the era of Nazi occupation.

The new show will be an eight-part series from Czech public television and will be called “Holiday in Portectorate.” The name alone has people up in arms, though producers insist that the term "holiday" was meant to be ironic. Actors hired by the studio will play the role of German soldiers and Gestapo officers who will question and harass a real family living together in a recreation of a remote mountain farm crica 1939. Some might argue that it's not a true recreation without the constant looming fear of death. 

 The show will also feature the challenge of navigating the difficulties of living a farm life with outdated tools and getting along without modern appliances, something that is well-tread territory for reality shows. However, what really  has most people up in arms is the additional challenge of living under simulated Nazi rule.

Such Nazi related hardships  include having soldiers invade their rustic home in the middle of the night and the possibility that their treacherous neighbors selling their secrets to the Gestapo . If the family “survives” two months of filming they can win up to $40,000 in prize money depending on how well they have done at various tasks. It’s lucky for the contestants that they aren’t playing the role of a Jewish family or they would lose immediately.

More than 600 families applied to be on the show, but were only told that it would be a historical period reality show and were unaware that the game would revolve around Nazi occupation. The show appears to have done well, garnering 500,000 viewers in the first episode on Czech Television, though many people have been vocal about their opinion of the show being tasteless and not properly representative of that dark time in history.

If people are in the mood for a reality television competition that tests people’s abilities to survive, they might be better off sticking to Survivor

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