Jon Stewart Warns Pope Not To Be So Progressive Or Republicans Will Invade Vatican (VIDEO)


On Thursday’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart warned Pope Francis to put an end to his progressiveness, lest the Republican religious brigade invade the Vatican.

He compared God’s two major emissaries on Earth; the infallible Pope Francis and the ‘incredibly fallible’ Republicans also known as The Grand Old Party (GOP). According to Stewart, the GOP was getting ahead of the Holy Father in the path of righteousness and faith.

After presenting video clips of the Pope and the GOP, Stewart concluded that Republicans had become more religious than the Pope himself in their stance towards issue like abortion, gay marriage and contraception.

WATCH: Pope Francis Causes Stir With Comments On Homosexuality, Contraception And Abortion

Lately, in order to restore the deteriorating image of the Vatican, the Holy Father has been trying to portray a liberal side of the Catholic Church.

Republicans seem to be doing the exact opposite.

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Stewart pointed out how Republican Steve Southerland used the Book of Genesis to rationalize cutting  nation’s food stamp program by $40 billion over 10 years.

Southerland argued that a drastic reduction in nutrition aid would motivate able-bodied people to appreciate the ‘blessing of work’. Republicans implied that God ordered his people to work and not be dependent on free food.

For Jon Stewart’s complete analysis on religious GOP, watch the video above.

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