Daily Show Uncovers The Ugly Truth About Indian Media

Don't believe everything you read in India. 'The Daily Show' exposes the unbelievable state of Indian media.
Sent at 2:57 PM on Thursday

Everyone knows how much Jon Stewart absolutely loathes American cable news because, well, the channels deserve it.

However, this week, Stewart was appalled when he found out that there is another country with far worse news anchors and commentators than in the United States.

The damning revelation emerged when "The Daily Show" sent correspondent Jason Jones to India to have a look at the media making headlines for “insane” coverage during the country’s general election – a mammoth exercise that started on April 7 and concluded on May 12.

Even worse, Jones found out, was the state of the Indian print media. So Jones took it upon himself to save the Indian people from the path they were on. Subsequently, he decided to meet with one network’s “biggest news douche.”

Enter Rajdeep Sardesai, editor-in-chief of IBN18 network, which includes CNN-IBN.

While the conversation with Sardesai revealed unbelievable facts about Indian media, the real shocker came when Jones met a local journalist who took money to write a completely false story on him that ended up on page two of her employer’s newspaper.

Take a look at the video above to see how "The Daily Show" correspondent exposed the failings of the Indian media. Skip ahead to 5:05 to get right to the segment. 

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