Fat-Shamed #DancingMan Will Party With 1,727 Friends, Pharrell Williams And Moby

Amna Shoaib
#FindDancingMan: Here is how you party and shut off haters.

Some 1,700 women restored our faith in humanity this week when they decided to throw a dance party for a guy body-shamed on the Internet.

When some jerks thought it was funny to mock a guy trying to have a good time at the party, the Internet reacted. The quest to #finddancingman began on Twitter, with user Cassandra Fairbanks trying to put together "something special" for him. Netizens quickly found the dancing man, who agreed to dance the night away with 1,727 ladies.

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It couldn’t get better than that, right? Well, no. The party, is about to get grander.

Pharrell Williams seems to be showing interest in performing at the party.

Moby will be all too happy to offer his DJ services for the event.

And Andrew W.K. said he would attend.

On a side note, the ever-amazing Andrew W.K. also disposed some precious party tips.

Dance the hate away, folks!

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