Darren Young Has Company: WWE’s 6 Most Homophobic Gay Wrestler Characters

You won't believe the homophobic characters WWE has promoted in the past ten years.

WWE Superstar Darren Young came out as gay today. The response from WWE Superstars like John Cena has been…fine. This is 2013 and people just aren’t that homophobic anymore.

The WWE itself has cleaned up its social image since it went to a PG rating in 2008. Since then, WWE has allied itself with pro-gay groups, and WWE actively supports gay-straight equality. In the early and mid-2000s, however, WWE wasn’t quite so accepting. Here is a rundown of WWE’s 6 Most Homophobic Gay Wrestler Characters promoted within the past ten years.


6/5) Billy & Chuck

In 2002 WWE promoted a tag team between Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo; they were gay lovers. The two weren’t lewd in their relationship (that comes later) but instead two gay guys that happened to wrestle as a team. If someone wasn’t paying enough attention, this duo could actually seem like a positive representation of gay wrestlers.

The problem is that Billy & Chuck were bad guys that people booed. Because they were gay.



The wedding between the two is played for laughs and mockery until the climax where is turns out that (surprise!) they aren’t really gay!


4) Goldust

I think Goldust is closer to pansexual than gay…but you get the idea.



Goldust spent nearly 20 years in WWF/E. His character fluctuated through the years between “eccentric” and “gay stalker”.


3) Mickie James

In 2005 WWE introduced a character named Mickie James. Mickie James became quick friends with WWE Diva Trish Stratus. Soon, Mickie began to…want more.



Mickie would soon go on to kidnap Trish’s boyfriend and…do this.



Like Goldust, Mickie being a lesbian meant that all her wrestling motivation involved seducing strait people. Fun fact: Fear of Gay seduction is the core cause of homophobia.


2/1) The Heartthrobs

Ya, sure.



So congratulations to WWE for growing up a little bit. It’s just worth noting that 2005 really wasn’t that long ago. 

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