David Copperfield Used Magic To Trick Robbers

David Copperfield gets held up at gunpoint by a group of teens. With sleight of hand, he is able to hide all of his possessions to avoid getting robbed.

David Copperfield Performs a Magic Trick

David Copperfield is a world-renowned magician, and apparently has used his magic to evade theft. 

He calls it reverse pick pocketing.

In 2006, a group of four teens approached Copperfield and two female assistants in a black car. They held them up at gunpoint and demanded their possessions. 

The women gave them over $600 in cash, a cellphone, and a passport. When they turned to Copperfield, however, he emptied out his seemingly empty pockets. 

In reality, Copperfield had a cellphone, wallet, and passport on him. But with a little sleight of hand, he was able to completely evade detection. 

After the teens drove away, they were able to write down the license plate number and give it to the police. The teens were eventually caught and the women were able to recover their possessions. 


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