Letterman Wanted Jon Stewart, A Black Man, Or A Woman To Replace Him

Letterman opens up in an interview and reveals details about his departure and replacement.

"I’m awash in melancholia", says the great host who's entertained a generation with his quick wit and class. Clearly nostalgic, Letterman sought comfort in the fact that his two life changing decisions, moving to California and having a baby with Regina, have worked out wonderfully and he hopes this will follow the same path. If not, “I will turn to a life of crime” he mused.

Letterman admitted that Jay Leno leaving the industry was perhaps a deciding moment for him, as he has now become the only older man to host a late night show. He said he thinks of Leno as a contemporary and felt alone and “surrounded by the Jimmys” when Leno left.

Although thankful to CBS for letting him stay on through his scandals in 2009, Letterman says that he wasn’t consulted about his replacement. This initially bothered Letterman but he later came to terms with it as “this is what comes when you make this decision (to leave)”.

Letterman confessed that he preferred Jon Stewart and thought he “would have been a good choice”. He also thought this would be a great opportunity for a black person to have an audience. Impressed by the many witty women doing their own shows, Letterman also considered this to be a great opportunity for CBS to have a lady host The Late Show.When all is said and done, Letterman is not disappointed with the selection of Stephen Colbert. Instead, Stephen was near the top of his own list and he’s certain that the Late Show will have a “new and different dynamic” added by Colbert. Letterman also added his anticipation for the new host “it will be very interesting to see what he will doDavid Letterman will preside over his last episode of The Late Show which has been going on for 22 years, on May 20.

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