David Letterman: Top 10 Golden Corral Excuses (VIDEO)


On Tuesday night’s show David Letterman highlighted the Golden Correl issue and poked fun at the restaurant chain by making it the object of his Top 10 list.

Letterman first showed a clip of the video that started it his top 10. And here how it goes:

1.  "You say dumpster, we say dining al fresco"
2.  "Cows are out in the sun all day, what's the difference?"
3.  "This is why we're not the Platinum Corral"
4.  "We'd store food in the kitchen, but that's where we keep the trash"
5.  "Relax -- the rats are keeping an eye on it"
6.  "Tired of being known as the 'sanitary' buffet place"
7.  "The flies looked hungry"
8.  "Judgement impaired after eating tainted meat"
9.  "The deal was: we serve $4 steaks, you don't ask any questions"
10.  "Have you seen a corral?"

Check out how Letterman poked fun at the eatery in the video above.

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