DeLorean Powered By Recycled Clothes Hits The Streets Of Japan

In honor of "Back to the Future Day" feast your eyes on this awesome real-life DeLorean with an eco-friendly agenda.

As we approach the official “Back to the Future Day” what better way to honor the 1980's sci-fi classic than by bringing you a real-life, functioning DeLorean?

The vehicle is built in the exact likeness of the famous time machine that brought Marty McFly and the Doc to different time zones again and again in the popular trilogy.

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back to the future real car

Owned by Michihiko Iwamoto from Japan who purchased it from an outfitter in the U.S., the DeLorean is not technically “street legal” and can’t quite take you back to 1985, but it does promote renewable energy sources.  

The car is powered using Bioethanol fuel extracted from cotton fibers in recycled clothes, CNN reports. As you may remember, the original DeLorean was fueled by waste as well.

Iwamoto runs a company called Jeplan which focuses on creating renewable energy from things destined to be thrown away. Iwamoto says he was inspired by Back to the Future and his favorite wacky scientist, Doc.

back to the future vehicle japan

He plans to be instrumental in increasing renewable energy use in Japan with the efforts of his company and his awesome DeLorean.

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So, while Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd used the machine to travel through time, Iwamoto will be using it to make for a more sustainable future. 

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