Did Portia de Rossi Have Plastic Surgery? (Before & After Photos)

Now that Season 4 of Arrested Development has hit the Netflix shelves, viewers are shocked by Portia De Rossi’s new look. See the Before and After photos here.

Portia de Rossi Before and After

Twitter and Facebook are buzzing today with rumors that Portia de Rossi, 40 year old wife of comedian Ellen Degeneres, has undergone plastic surgery to look younger for her role on Arrested Development.  Speculators have suggested everything from rhinoplasty to brow lifts to explain the striking difference in her appearance this season, even though the original run for the Fox series ended seven years ago.

Portia de Rossi 2007

The Hollywood Life website is so convinced of her plastic surgery this season that they interviewed plastic surgeons to weigh in on the topic.

“It appears that Portia underwent nasal tip reconstruction.  Her nose used to point downward, and you clearly see it is now upturned.  She also may have had blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to make her eyes appear wider.” – Dr. Edward P. Miranda, San Francisco, CA

“The most obvious thing for sure, is that she had her nose done.  There’s no doubt about it.” – Dr. Theodore Diktaban, New York, NY

I’m a big fan of Arrested Development and was certainly surprised to see how different Ms. De Rossi looked in the newest episodes.  Most significantly, she’s had her nose operated on.  Her nose used to distinctively point downwards, but now has a perky upturned tip.  Also, her hairline appears somewhat higher suggesting a brow lift.  Her forehead was overly smooth and immobile suggesting poorly done Botox, for a while there were no wrinkles – a better injection technique could have left her with some normal motion.  Also, she’s certainly had an injection into her upper lip, which is fuller, and into her cheeks.  Finally, eyelid surgery is quite likely since she has different shape to the lower eyelid now.” – Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

Portia De Rossi in 2011

In an interview with People (where Portia made the 2013 Most Beautiful list) Portia attributed her youthful appearance to her vegan diet, being happy, and dressing like a teenager. “One thing I don’t want to do is chase how I looked at 20” she adds.

Portia de Rossi 2013, Arrested Development

Tyler Coates from Flavorwire.com makes an interesting (and logical) observation about the star’s change in appearance:

“It’s likely the wig she was wearing (which, I’ll grant you, was a terrible one) gave the illusion that her hairline was much higher.  The wig, of course, was a cover-up to explain why her character suddenly (after seven years, I suppose) has a much shorter hair style – we see her cutting it in the last moments of the episode.  Also, she’s wearing lighter makeup than what was fashionable in 2006.  Oh, and it’s been seven years since she’s played that character.  Of course she looks different.  But so does everyone else on the show.”

Considering her photo shoot from People Magazine that hit the stands on May 6th, we doubt Portia has had any cosmetic surgery, but a few of us are still on the fence.  Do you think Portia had some elective handywork done?  Let us know in the comments below!

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