Did Twitter Overreact About A Blogger's 'Mansplaining' Joke?

A female blogger was called out on Twitter for being sexist because of a humorous flow chart she created about the act of "mansplaining."

Blogger, Elle Armageddon, is being called sexist and garnering Twitter backlash because of a flow chart she created humorously throwing shade at “mansplainers.”

The concept of “mansplaining” — first exposed by writer Rebecca Solnit seven years ago — has been described as when a man condescendingly lectures a woman on the basics of a topic that he barely even knows about under the assumption that the woman knows even less than he does.

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Armageddon had an experience where a man explained the concept of ascending and descending street numbers to her and then a friend of hers told her about a similar time when she received an unsolicited explanation about a topic.

Those two instances sparked an idea for Armageddon to create a flowchart titled, “Should You Explain the Thing to the Lady?”

The flowchart essentially illustrated that if you are not an expert on a topic or a formal educator and if you weren’t asked directly for an explanation … then don’t give one.

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The chart didn’t explicitly mention "mansplaining" or gender, other than in the title, and it was meant to be funny but many Twitter users did not laugh. Instead, they attacked her for being "sexist."

"The way it has been interpreted repeatedly to be an attack on men, or specific to men, without making any mention of men is actually really interesting to me," Armageddon reportedly told the Daily Dot.

Seems like some Twitter users who are knowingly guilty of mansplaining were feeling a little bitter about all the positive responses and retweets Armageddon was getting on her flowchart, so they had to chime in and defend their own, irritating habit. 

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