Did Young Thug Try To Kill Lil Wayne?

Authorities have linked Young Thug and Birdman to a conspiracy plot to kill Lil Wayne. But why would the Young Thug try to kill someone he says is his "idol"?

Lil Wayne

Authorities have linked rapper Young Thug and Cash Money Records CEO Birdman to a conspiracy plot to kill rapper Lil Wayne.

In April, Lil Wayne’s tour bus was fired at in Atlanta and authorities have so far only arrested suspect Jimmy Winfrey in June. However, an indictment filed in Cobb County, Georgia accuses rapper Young Thug and Cash Money Records CEO Birdman of conspiring with Winfrey to kill Lil Wayne. But are the allegations true?

Young Thug

According to the indictment, the three — all Blood gang members — had a business dispute over Lil Wayne’s contract which led to the rapper’s album Tha Carter V  being held from release. Young Thug (real name Jeffrey Williams) sided with Birdman (real name Bryan Williams) on the disagreement, and Lil Wayne (real name Dwayne Carter) subsequently sued Cash Money in federal court.


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Even more, Young Thug, supposedly threatened Lil Wayne on Instagram five days before the shooting in which he posted a video making what authorities term as “gang references and threats” toward Lil Wayne. He is also seen posing with weapons. And, Young Thug threatened Lil Wayne in his music video, “Halftime”, saying he would shoot the “Lil’ Whodi” (Lil’ Wayne’s earlier nickname) “in the noggin” followed by a shot of Winfrey aiming an assault rifle at the camera.

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After the shooting, Winfrey posted a photo on Instagram of a white Chevy Camaro — the vehicle Winfrey allegedly shot at Lil’ Wayne’s tour bus from — and then tried to delete the image.

Before and after the shooting, Winfrey was in contact by cell phone to cell phones connected to Young Thug and Birdman.

While the details allude to a hairy feud turned violent, critics are baffled as to why Young Thug, who claims Lil Wayne is his “idol” would jeopardize his career by threatening the star instead of remaining loyal to someone who could potentially jumpstart his career (as Lil Wayne has done for so many Cash Money artists).

Yet as the Daily Beast highlights, Young Thug’s attitude could have been persuaded to garner a more “gangsta image” of himself, instead of embracing his flamboyant, sexually-liberating self-expression that has often gotten accusations the rapper is gay.

Hip hop culture is knee-deep in homophobia and drenched in misogyny and the bigotry is what could have ultimately driven Young Thug to allegedly conspire to kill his inspiration.  

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