The Sequel To Frozen Is Not What We Expected

We really want to build another snowman! After the smashing success of Disney’s Frozen, OF COURSE there had to be a sequel.

Frozen Forever is set to be released in the spring (ironic much?) and Queen Elsa is more than willing to get dressed up for it.

frozen forever sequel

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Anna on the other hand, is just as we remembered her.

Frozen forever short animation

The story centers on Anna’s birthday celebration. 

frozen anna birthday

Of course, Anna’s love interest, Kristoff, and by proxy, the love of his life, the reindeer Sven, are going to help the Ice Queen’s birthday plans for her little sister.

frozen characters

It’s such a shame that Olaf is not the main character. He did after all, melt our hearts in the original movie. But it’s good to know that he’s still around, not melting away.
frozen olaf snowman

Perhaps, just like the minions of Despicable Me, he will one day star in his own feature animation. Even the penguins of Madagascar got their moment of glory – so it’s safe to say there’s hope for Olaf.

If the title of the short animation rings a bell, you aren’t completely off. History has a way of repeating itself and Disney loves playing with our hearts.

The short-animation is just like the time Disney fans were swooned by Tangled, and desperately wanted more. Disney therefore gave it a sequel, Tangled Ever After, which deliberately avoided using the word “forever” because it was the shortest sequel in the world.

This time, Disney is gracing us with SEVEN WHOLE MINUTES of a Frozen sequel.

That’s one whole minute longer than Tangled’s sequel.

Wistful thinking would have us demand a longer sequel, but until then, we have Will Ferrell telling us how to deal with it, borrowing wisdom from Disney itself. 

disney frozen part 2

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