Woman Sues Disney For Stealing Her Life Story In ‘Frozen’

Isabella Tanikumi can't let it go. She claims Disney stole her life story and made it into 'Frozen.'

The little-known Peruvian author Isabella Tanikumi is suing Disney for $250 million for ripping off her life story straight from her autobiography “Yearnings of the Heart,” which is about growing up in the Andean mountains of Peru.

Our reaction:

Frozen is the highest grossing animated movie of all time and has a sequel coming up.

As far as we know, the billion dollar-plus grossing flick was based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale, “The Snow Queen.”

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We haven’t read “Yearnings of the Heart” but are now supremely intrigued to read all about the trolls and talking snowmen of Peru.

But Amazon describes her book as, “An endearing and heart wrenching account that takes the reader on a romantic and spiritual journey… From the ruins of earthquake-ravaged Huaraz, Peru, to the shores of the land of opportunity, America, Isabella Tanikumi’s poignant account embodies the real-life drama of a young girl’s struggle to create her destiny. “

It goes on to describe how the book “forges a parallel between her own and her readers’ experiences, weaves a rich tapestry of introspective reflections and life experiences” and how the book will “move and resonate with anyone who seeks to walk the path of self-realization.”

We are still waiting for the trolls and magical powers to be mentioned but are disappointed to find none in the review.

Here’s a poster of Frozen:

And here’s Tanikumi’s book cover:

Well, when you think about it, a little-known author and millions of dollars worth of a lawsuit against a mega corporation means an indefinite amount of publicity -- does it add up?

At least the world knows a talented author by the name of Isabella Tanikumi exists.

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