These Disney Princesses With Short Hair Redefine Beautiful

These Disney princesses got a short hair makeover and proved a powerful point about society's fixation with long hair and conventional beauty standards.

When you think Disney princesses, you see thin silhouettes, conventional beauty and — long hair. From Ariel to Rapunzel, the cartoon heroines are never without their gorgeous locks. But one artist decided to challenge the assumption that to be a pretty princess automatically means long hair with her reimagened depictions of our favorite princesses with short hair.

Disney princess Elsa short hair

Snow white with short hair

Jasmine with short hair

Cinderella with short hair

Artist Roosa Karlsson, debuted the stunning images on Tumblr and spoke to Mic about her inspiration for the project.

"There are so many different kinds of hair styles, and while they are all beautiful, mainstream media tends to be very... one-sided,” Karlsson said. "Long hair is hailed wherever you go, especially in Disney's princess movies.”

Ariel with short hair

Too often long hair is the prime standard for classic feminine beauty and Disney princesses (as they have done with their body types) have reinforced the status quo of what’s beautiful with their luscious locks.

Beauty does not fit one mold and Disney alike with pop culture have made it clear that the only acceptable form of beauty is the one that aligns with the mainstream. Thankfully, however the body positive movement has challenged fatphobia, tattoos and short hair — redefining what it means to be hot in our culture.

Belle with short hair

Tiana with short hair

The concept is not how much you weigh or how short or long your hair is, but rather how you rock your style — with confidence and ease. What powerful images of childhood role models like these altered Disney princesses then show to little girls is that not one standard of beauty is right, that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and haircuts. 

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